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"Bringing Sights And Sounds Of The Past To Life"

Christian Heritage Media is the archivist of some of the most beautiful Christian music of the past. Through modern technology, music that was previously unavailable to the general public has been digitally restored. Today these historic songs can be heard in all their original beauty as though they had been just recorded yesterday. Many of these recordings have never been available in any form until now. If you love old time Christian music, you are going to love this music. Now available on cassettes, CDs and some videos.

Rudy Atwood Live In Concert
"Live" In Concert

For nearly six decades Rudy Atwood conducted numerous piano concerts which were always well attended by enthusiastic audiences. Dr. Atwood generally did not allow these concerts to be recorded, so very few recordings exist today. Now, on CD for the first time, is the complete Rudy Atwood concert at Northland Baptist College, performed on May 1, 1989. Here is Rudy at his best as he shares with the audience some of the insights into his life. This new CD is a MUST for all Rudy Atwood "aficionados".
Golden Collection
  Golden Collection CD
With Rudy Atwood, Pianist

This is a new collection of 29 favorite Gospel songs sung by the world famous Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet. Two songs, "This World Is Not My Home" and "I Am On The Battle-Field" were taken from the January 12th, 1958 broadcast - the last time the quartet would sing on the Old Fashioned Revival Hour. Other favorite songs include: Battle Hymn Of The Republic, My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer, Honey In The Rock, and Redeemed.
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet
Volumes 1 - 8 on Cassette
With Rudy Atwood, Pianist

The Old Fashioned Revival Quartet was also known as the Goose Creek Quartet and began singing as a part of the radio ministry of the Country Church of Hollywood in 1933. In 1937 the Quartet also began singing on the Old Fashioned Revival Hour broadcast. Over the years many well-known Christian musicians were a part of this famous quartet. Here in eight volumes is a collection of their best known quartet arrangements which are available for the first time on cassette.
Old Time Gospel Favorites
Volumes 1 - 4

Old Time Gospel Favorites features the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir and Quartet as heard originally on the 1949 Old Fashioned Revival Hour broadcasts. Each CD or cassette plays for approximately one hour and features alternating quartet and choir selections of some of the best-loved hymns and Gospel songs of all time. This four-part series is one of our most requested cassettes and CDs.
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir

The unusually high quality of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir attracted many who would not otherwise have listened to a religious program. Much of the credit for the music ministry belonged to their director, Dr. H. Leland Green. More than twenty-five years have elapsed since the Old Fashioned Revival Hour’s last album of choir music was released. Running nearly sixty minutes in length, this cassette album is equivalent to two long-playing record albums.
Rudy Atwood
Volumes 1 - 3

For thirty-one years Dr. Rudy Atwood was the featured pianist on the Old Fashioned Revival Hour radio broadcast that originated in the Long Beach California Municipal Auditorium. Many admitted to coming to Long Beach just to see and hear Rudy play the piano. The unique piano style of Rudy Atwood was the inspiration for hundreds of church pianists with his “trademark” octave runs and original improvisations.
Rudy Atwood Heavenly Sunshine
Rudy Atwood Piano Solos

Here is a unique album to add to your library. Recorded by Rudy Atwood around 1983, it is the next to the last album Rudy recorded, and the only one in which he played the popular “Heavenly Sunshine” and the familiar theme song of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour, “Jesus Saves”. Now, at last, it is available to be enjoyed by everyone once again.

Click below to hear a sample of Rudy's playing:
Heavenly Sunshine
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Rudy Atwood Christmas
Rudy's Only Christmas Album

Recorded on October 25, 1988, this album marked another milestone in the long career of “The Dean of Gospel Pianists.” It is the last album Rudy ever recorded and his only Christmas album. Played on a 9½ foot Bosendorfer concert grand piano, the sound was indescribable! This was the first time Rudy had played such a fine instrument and he had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Now you can be a part of this inspiring Christmas experience for many years to come.
Songs Of Faith
Conducted By John Lundberg

A double length album of inspirational choral music including nine Fanny Crosby hymns arranged by John Lundberg & Ralph Carmichael. Dr. Lundberg spent his musical career teaching music at Westmont College, and for more than two decades sang First Tenor in the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet. He holds a doctorate in music from USC. This unique album features alternating men’s and women’s voices, providing a truly uplifting worship experience.Also included is the recording of the opening theme song, How Firm A Foundation, that was used on Dr. J. Vernon McGee's radio program, Thru The Bible Radio broadcast.

Click below to hear a sample of How Firm A Foundation:
How Firm A Foundation
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Broadcasts
Over 100 Original Broadcasts Available On Cassettes And CDs

• Messages by Dr. Charles E. Fuller
• Letters Read by Grace “Honey”
• Rudy Atwood, Pianist
• George Broadbent, Organist
• The Old Fashioned Revival Hour
• The Chorus Choir,
   Directed by Dr. H. Leland Green

These are actual unedited hour-long broadcasts just as they were heard over the 600 affiliate stations of the ABC Radio Network every Sunday afternoon. In it’s time slot it was the most listened-to radio broadcast in the nation. As you listen you will once again become a part of that great world-wide congregation of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour.
Harold DeCou - Music Of Inspiration

If you love great organ music, you’re really going to enjoy the creative organ hymn arrangements of Harold DeCou. Harold DeCou is well known as one our nation’s great organ recording artists and has played for many evangelistic crusades and conferences. He has recorded several albums, both as a solo artist and as an accompanist for other artists. This organ album is a composite of two albums and plays for almost an hour. Two different organs were used in the recording which was recorded and produced by the Allen Organ Company. The sound is awesome and will give your speaker system a real workout.
Bob Daniels - Beyond The Sun
Bob Daniels

This is a re-issue of the beloved 1958 recording by baritone, Bob Daniels singing some of the best loved compositions of Stuart Hamblen. Backed by the orchestra and chorus of Ralph Carmichael, this album will soon become a treasure in your sacred music library.

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